Lettuce Wraps a la P.F. Chang


Lettuce Wraps a la P.F. Chang


1 Lettuce (head of iceberg, cored)
4 Chicken (breast, frozen or 2 pounds ground chicken)
2 Celery (stalks)
1 cn Water Cestnuts
1 T Corn Starch
2 T Oyster Sauce
1 T Soy Sauce
1 t Chinese Chili Sauce
1 T Canola Oil
1 t Chili Oil


Ahead of time, clean lettuce, separate leaves and place in refrigerator to chill and crisp. Partially thaw chicken breasts and while still frozen cut into small diced pieces. The smaller the better. Place into a bowl and add corn starch, stirring to coat well. Set aside.

Cut celery lengthwise and then dice fine. Rough chop water chestnuts. In a very hot skillet or wok, heat oils. Add chicken and stir fry until done. Remove to a bowl. Add vegetables and fry 2 minutes. Return chicken. Add oyster sauce, soy sauce and chili sauce, mixing well. Remove from heat. Spoon onto lettuce leaves and wrap.

Yield: 4 servings