Vegetable Omelet


Vegetable Omelet


2 Eggs (beaten until frothy)
1 Mushrooms (1 large, or 2 medium)
1 Green Onion (large)
4 Cherry Tomatoes
1 clv Garlic (chopped)
Parsley (flakes, a good amount)
1⁄2 t Splenda (or to taste)
1 t Lemon Juice
2 ds rice wine vinegar


Cut up vegetables and put into an omelet pan. Add enough water to just cover. Add remaining ingredients except eggs and cook on a low fire until most of the water has reduced. Pour beaten eggs over top of vegetable mixture and spread out evenly. Cover pan and cook for about 2-3 minutes. Slide omelet out of pan onto plate and enjoy.

Yields: 1 serving