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Habits of Health

It's no secret these days that DIETS DON'T WORK. That being said, be sure to embrace the difference between the two major components of our system.

  1. The 5-1 weight loss system using fueled by the science backed, nutritious and highly effective Medifast Meal Replacements.

  2. The Habits of Health "Program" - Which is a comprehensive system that not only empowers you with the tools for safe and effective weight loss with the Meal Replacements, but places its focus on keeping the weight off and learning the Habits of Health for a Longer Healthier Life.

For this reason, our clients refer to this as the "Program". Along with the support of your Health Coach, clients that are on the "Program" have made a decision to embrace all that is necessary for a longer healthier life. Those that do not and are solely on the 5-1 program without the "Program" are simply on a Diet!

If you could snap your fingers and "Choose Better Health" would you? Of course you would. So make sure you have the Habits of Health System and fully engage in it with your Health Coach. It is not a luxury but a necessity.

** ALSO: TO help guide you through the Habits of Health, your Health Coach will provide you every month with the "HABIT of the WEEK" also found under the Habits of Health Tab. Make an effort to simply follow along with your reading and you will be led through all you need to know. In addition, Dr. Andersen has created an additional tool for you in the "30 Day Challenge". This will provide you with a lesson every day that can be a game changer for you.

Better Together,

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