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ogaHealthy Habit of the Week: Quiet Time
Time to be quiet may be some of the most important time we set aside in our day. As a team, we have found this makes one of the biggest differences when we struggle. A few minutes to quiet down, has an impact on the rest of life.

Most people when they try to get quiet, their mind speeds up! Just relax and keep going. After some practice, your mind gets better and better at calming and slowing. Practice makes Habits.

Here are some tips:

  1. Give it a try: Don't "expect" anything, just try it. See what it's like.
  2. Get alone: in the car, in the bathroom, early in the morning...find a place to be alone
  3. Set a timer: This will help to not worry about "how much time left." There are lots of great apps for this too. Start with 3 minutes. Go from there.
  4. Breath: just concentrate on your breath: - how it sounds, feels, where it goes...
  5. Don't have a goal: there is no "right" or "wrong," there just "is." When a thought comes to mind, consider it, without judgement, then set it aside and come back to your breathing

And great resources:

Have fun with it! Enjoy it! This is your time.

Tell a friend: How many of your friends, family, co-workers know about this valuable tip? Sharing and paying this forward has great value. As you know, "To teach is to learn twice". The next time you see someone you care about or have someone ask you why you are eating the way you do, teach them this "Habit of Health". They might want to join you which makes you an "Agent of Change!"

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