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ogaHealthy Habit of the Week: Get adequate, restful sleep
Sleep effects everything: the way we feel, look, work, eat and function. How different is life when we go to bed early, wake up rested, and slept great? Sleep is when we recover, repair, and even store short term memories into long term ones!

Here are some great things you can practice to make this a habit for life:

  1. Write a list of where you may struggle: The last time you stayed up late, what kept you up? Too long on the computer? TV or movies? Caffeine right before bed? Stress? And uncomfortable bed?
  2. Decide what you can change: If you were up late because of TV, what could you change to help you get to bed earlier? Change something this week and see how it goes!
  3. Notice your sleep: Have you noticed that when you eat better you sleep better? That when you have lost weight, your quality of sleep goes up?

Use sleep as a tool: When we sleep, we store memories. Did you know the best time to study is right before bed? Pick something you care to remember, and make it part of your wind-down routine. Some poeple find success by writing their busy minded thoughts down before going to bed. This way, your brain will know they will be there waiting in the morning and not stress about processing them before sleep.

Tell a friend: How many of your friends, family, co-workers know about this valuable tip? Sharing and paying this forward has great value. As you know, "To teach is to learn twice". The next time you see someone you care about or have someone ask you why you are eating the way you do, teach them this "Habit of Health". They might want to join you which makes you an "Agent of Change!"

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