Healthy Habit of the Week


Quick Reference to Dr. A's Habits of Health:

  • Ch 8-12
  • Ch 9 Lists of the best foods in each group
  • Ch 10 Eating plans & 100 calorie fluelings
  • Ch 11-12 Principles of healthy eating for life
  • Living a Longer, Healthier Life Companion Guide: Lessons 9-10

Healthy Habit of the Week:
Eat small, balanced meals every 2 - 3 hours
Eating small meals throughout the day is always going to be the healthy way to eat. We get to do that from day 1 with the 5&1 plan, and we learn the habit to continue for life.

What does "balanced" mean? It means protein/carb balanced. Each Medifast meal is perfectly balanced (that is why they are such a great snack for a life of healthy eating on-the-go). So is your lean and green meal.

Balanced meals mean weight loss and weight maintenance. They fill you up, keep you satisfied, and help you lose and then maintain your weight.

Here are some fun things you can try to help make this a life-long habit.

  1. Split your Lean & Green meal. 1/2 a lean and green is a great example of a small balanced meal. Experiment with something and have 2 smaller, balanced meals to get in some good practice!
  2. Track your meals: There are great apps like "My Fitness Pal" that you can plug your food into (and you can scan bar codes!). They will show you how balanced your day is, and if you are on the 5&1 plan, you will see the proof of how balanced your eating really is!
  3. Eat to be "not hungry," in stead of eating to be "full." Think about how you feel when you eat. When we eat every 2-3 hours, we don't need to have a large meal.
  4. Practice sorting: As you come across foods, think about what category they fit in - protein (meat, eggs, dairy, beans, nuts...) or carb (fruit, bread, veggies)?
  5. Look at labels: Turn over your food and look the breakdown. How many carbs? How many grams of protein? If something is mostly carbs, what you you eat with it to balance it? Think of each meal like a scale. How would you balance it out? (bonus - look at the label of a Medifast meal)
  6. Balance others: Next time you make a meal for someone else, make it balanced. Or when you are out to eat, look at the meals around you - are others practicing this habit of health?

Even better?

Make your balanced choices from "low-glycemic" foods. They are even healthier, keep your blood sugars balanced, keep you more full for longer and keep the fat storage away. For instance, when eating low-gycemic, did you know strawberries are a much better choice than bananas? See Ch 9 of Dr. A's book to learn more.

Tell a friend: How many of your friends, family, co-workers know about this valuable tip? Sharing and paying this forward has great value. As you know, "To teach is to learn twice". The next time you see someone you care about or have someone ask you why you are eating the way you do, teach them this "Habit of Health". They might want to join you which makes you an "Agent of Change!"

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