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Quick Reference to Dr. A's Habits of Health:

  • Ch 18
  • Living a Longer, Healthier Life Companion Guide: Lesson 14

Support is very important when we want to improve our health for the long-term! This week, can you teach someone you know about the healthy habit of support or offer support to a friend?
Here are some of your support options while on your journey:

  1. Your health coach
  2. Call in Support Lines
    1. Monday - Nurses Call 8:30pm - 9:00pm ET 512-225-3178 Pin: 579476 #
      Playback #: 512-505-6856
    2. Wednesday - Doctor's Call 8:30pm - 9:00pm ET 512-225-3178 Pin: 896742 #
      Playback #: 212-461-8671
    3. Wednesday - Habits of Health Call 8:00pm ET 512-225-9427 Pin: 77421 #
      Playback #: 512-505-6863
    4. Nutrition Support Hotline 1-800-509-1281 or
    5. Behaviorist for emotional eating 443-379-5048 or email at
  3. Website and smartphone app:
  4. Client Resource Center - Recipes, tips, Healthy Habit of the Week:

SO what does this mean for you? Pick a couple of these to explore and set a goal to look through them or get on one of these calls! It might be the difference for you.

Tell a friend: How many of your friends, family, co-workers know about this valuable tip? Sharing and paying this forward has great value. As you know, "To teach is to learn twice". The next time you see someone you care about or have someone ask you why you are eating the way you do, teach them this "Habit of Health". They might want to join you which makes you an "Agent of Change!"

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Healthy Habits For Every Week:

Small, Balanced Meals Every 2 -3 Hours
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