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Healthy Habit of the Week: Look for the Yo-Yo Cycle
Do you know people who have lost weight and gained it back? Gotten healthy then slid back into old habits?
Pretty common! But not for us anymore. Not if we make the habit of looking for the diet mentality.

One good question to ask: Am I in a rocking chair (going back and forth and not getting anywhere)? Or am in an a race car (I have a vehicle that is getting me to where I want to go -- weight loss is just a step along the way)?

Here are some tips to jump in the race car and speed toward creating health.

  1. Be Mindful When you eat, make choices, are you thinking about it. Is it "I can wait until I can stop living this way" or "this is great practice to how I always want to be?"
  2. Write down your thoughts: What thoughts do you usually have before making a choice. Keep track and see what category they fall in. Get a buddy and shoot a text of your thoughts back and forth.
  3. Think of what health means to you: Health is much more than a number on the scale. What is next? After reaching your healthy weight, what else do you want in your life of health?
  4. Remind yourself -- "I can eat whatever I want!" Wasn't that always the case? Now that you know you can eat anything, what do you want? Is it worth it? What are your big goals? If you have a hot fudge Sunday, it the end? Or is it just an experience to learn from?
  5. Learn everyday. Be your own experiment. Instead of "Why did I do that?!" ask " why am I doing this? What are my thoughts? What is the feeling behind this? What was it like last time I did this? Do I see a pattern?" When you ask yourself questions, you find the answers.

Sometimes how speak to ourselves does more damage than the choices itself. Learn from you. Health is a journey. You can hop in the race car anytime. How about now?

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Tell a friend: How many of your friends, family, co-workers know about this valuable tip? Sharing and paying this forward has great value. As you know, "To teach is to learn twice". The next time you see someone you care about or have someone ask you why you are eating the way you do, teach them this "Habit of Health". They might want to join you which makes you an "Agent of Change!"

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